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Father Before Me

Established in 2019, progressive skate-punk band Father Before Me is the passion project of NYC based musician Elijah Catrone. To honor his late father, Elijah founded Father Before Me as a way to pay respect to those who came before us, show gratitude to those with us, and pave the way for those to come.

Drawing on his years of experience as a songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, bassist and drummer, Elijah entered Think Loud Studios to work with renowned producers Grant MacFarland and Carson Slovak (August Burns Red, Carousel Kings) to record the debut EP “Emerald" and sophomore EP "Ruby". Inspired by an eclectic assortment of legendary bands such as Iron Maiden, Sublime and Bayside, Father Before Me blends catchy heavy metal riffs, fast-paced skate punk rhythms and progressive instrumentation.


"Father Before Me is a NYC-based project that formed in 2019 by Elijah Catrone. With a concoction of skate punk, prog, post-hardcore, and alt rock, the musicalities are surprisingly, yet impressively all over the place. Based on the aforementioned subgenres, I hear a myriad of influences including Trivium, Coheed and Cambria, and Stone Sour in their latest single. I know, it's kinda a weird combo, but it also strangely works!" -Metal Injection

"The band blends melodic, soaring metal riffs with a skate punk energy. If Maiden and Nofx teamed up, it might sound like this. Speaking to punknews, bandleader Elijah said, ""Until Lambs Become Lions" is the reminder that we already have what we need to face our fears. Don't run to the past, don't run to the future. However dark it seems when the lights have all gone dim, find your footing and never give up." - Punk News 

"Father Before Me are a one of a kind force in the heavy rock scene and it's a delight to really hear how they pick things apart. I can't help but to be impressed with the way that they bring the rage and what they do to really drive home the overarching vision behind the music. This is a really fun listen and a record that I think devout fans are going to find themselves coming back too regularly. Ruby is a blast, any way you slice it. You'll be left wanting more and curious for when Father Before Me are able to come back with more!" - Two Guys Metal Reviews